Who am I?

Call me Sean. I am a tinkerer by trait. By day, Software Engineering is my profession, by night tinkering with new technologies has always been one of my biggest passion.

To know a bit more detail about my professional career you can have a look at my CV here. Otherwise, if you want to know what am I up to on the side of my day job, this site is the right place to find out.

What is this site?

This is my personal blog, a place where I note down my journey with multiple hacking/tinkering/engineering projects. The common theme of my projects is that they always the type of budget build, reuse old hardware parts and systems for a new useful purpose. Therefore, it requires to make the most out of any bit of computational power that these old and weak hardware provide. That is where the creativity of an engineer got unleashed.

Here are my most recent blog posts, hope you find something interesting to read.